Aleksandr Koval was born April 9, 1974 in the city of Lipetsk. Craving for fine arts awakened him from an early age - he was happy to draw by pencil, and sometimes by pen house and garden of his grandmother, which now lives in Voronezh, made other sketches.
As the father of Aleksandr Koval was the military, they would have had to change their place of residence: Central Russia, Ural, Siberia, Kamchatka, Lithuania, Grozny, Mongolia. Picturesque corners of the places where he lived and where he went (to Poland and Turkey), the artist, for many years, appear on his canvases. Topic work of Aleksander Koval least extensive than the geography of his place of residence: the fields, woods, groves, parks, Russian hut, hut Ukrainian, monuments, river banks, seascapes ...
Each season in its own nature bestows beauty. A painter celebrates the beauty of nature by brush and paints. Also you can find among his art works still lifes.
In the land of volcanoes artist spent a period of his life, which is called "adolescence." And may have passed since many years, he has managed to reliably depict what I saw back in the early years. And it is - is not the only case.
Of course, could not sing Aleksander and the beauty of the Black Sea steppe region, which became his family. He first arrived in Nikolaev, when he was seven years old. But not for long time. The circumstances were such that the peninsula between the Bug river and Ingul river had Preseli the peninsula nestled between the Sea of Okhotsk and the Pacific Ocean. However, in 1989 by the will of fate, he was back in the city of Saint Nicholas. Here trained skills from the honored artist of Ukraine Mikhail Ryasnyanskii, and before arriving here - Honoured Artist of the USSR Eduard Gagarin. And before it started to learn to known our countryman, the young painter depicted on his canvases All Saints Church, which is located in the old cemetery, Church of Nativity in the street Lyagina, the Roman Catholic Cathedral of St. Joseph in the street Decembrists. Not once portrayed in the paintings and dome-shaped building, located at the intersection of Lenin Avenue and the streets of the Soviet. After one look at the building from a distance, it is immediately evident that this is a work of art.
Also, many times on the paintings of Aleksander Koval presented the island of Berezan - the way it can be seen from Ochakov and Rybakovka and the way it can be seen arriving there.
And, perhaps, there was no such a painter, who would not inspired by its beauty Migiya. Aleksandr Koval did not even remember how many trips to this "Nicholas Switzerland" as not remember how many paintings brought its picturesque corners.
Since 1994 Aleksandr Koval - member regional creative unification "Pribuzhie." Repeatedly been awarded the regional, national and international exhibitions and art competitions. His paintings are in museums and private collections in Ukraine, Russia, Italy, USA, Israel, and China.
It should also be noted that his mother, Lidia, and sister Ruslana - are also an artists. And also for they works has rewards.